Rachel's Vineyard - Healing Retreats

Rachel's Vineyard is a two day retreat designed to bring spiritual and psychological healing to women and men suffering the effects of a past abortion experience.


Venues and dates for 2014 retreats 

Australian sites

Sydney: (Catholic and Inter-denominational retreat)
Nov 21-23
2015: 13-15 March; 14-16 August; 20-22 November
Contact: 0400 092 555 or email info@rachelsvineyard.org.au
Address: PO Box 317 St Peters, 2044

Tasmania - Hobart:
2015: 22-24 May; 2-4 October
Contact: Anne Sherston (03) 6229 8739 or email rachelsvineyardtas@aapt.net.au

Melbourne: (Inter-denominational retreat)
2015: 13-15 March; 3-5 July; 13-15 November
Contact: Anne Neville (03) 9870 7044. email: anne@opendoors.com.au

Perth:(Catholic and Inter-denominational retreat)
Contact: Jenny Shier (08) 9445 7464
email: rachelsvineyardwa@gmail.com
Address: P.O. Box No 1301, Innaloo City WA 6918

Contact: Joan Ivinson Phone: 0447108670 or email rachelsvineyarddarwin@hotmail.com 

Canberra: November 28-30 (Inter-denominational retreat)
Phone no: (02) 6178 1011 (confidential voicemail)
Email: projectrachelcanberra@hotmail.com


Contact: 0407 175 508 (confidential voice mail). PO Box 298 Albany Creek 4035
Email: wellspringministries@tpg.com.au


New Zealand and Asian sites

New Zealand, Wellington:

Contacts:  Wendy Hill,  Retreat Coordinator. email: info@rachelsvineyard.org.nz 
Phone:  +64 (04) 564 6693 or +64 (027) 254 9222
OR Suzanne O'Rourke,  Site Coordinator: email: suzanneor@gmail.com
Phone:  +64 (021) 549 528 
OR Dawn De Witt, email: d.dewitt@xtra.co.nz
Website: www.rachelsvineyard.org.nz

Penang, Malaysia:
Contact: Yvonne Sunshine Phone: +6019 5633011 or email rachelsvineyardpg@gmail.com


Contact: Rose Boon email: rachelvineyard@familylife.sg
Website: www.rachelsvineyard.sg




Who is it for?

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat is a confidential healing ministry for the many people who have been touched by an abortion experience. The purpose of the retreat is post-abortion reconciliation and healing  for the "other victims" of abortion. The woman who has had an abortion, the person who at one time provided the abortion, the man or woman who has forced a daughter, spouse or girlfriend to have an abortion, the potential grandparents and all who have been denied. All of these people need the help of the Church to deal with the grief, anger and sense of responsibility for a great loss.

What do others say about this retreat?

Here are some comments from women and men who have already experienced a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat:

What is your overall impression of this retreat?

"I would not have been able to achieve, anywhere else, the level of spiritual healing I have received this weekend."

"Incredibly meaningful -- freeing, uplifting -- after so many years of silence our pain could find release." (This was written by a woman who had lived in deep shame for over 40 years.)

".... the pouring out of griefs, sorrows, brokenness of women; the betrayal they felt by partners, parents and from society in general..."

A Rachel's Vineyard  Retreat provides you with an opportunity to receive the healing grace of God and to move forward in a caring and hope-filled atmosphere toward reconciliation with yourself, your  unborn child and God. Take the first step.

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Poem from Retreat Participants

Remembering Erin
Sweet child of mine,
Lost one, lovely one,
Child who was, is and
Will always be
My Erin.

You graced my life
For such a brief time,
Your star burning within me.
So tiny, but your presence
Ever clear.

I heard you whisper
You needed me.
But you were whisked away
To a place you know
As warm and safe.

It is like the womb
That once nurtured you.
It is home.
You live now in your
Brothers and sister.
If you were here now
You would be cherished
Beyond words.

If it is no burden,
Carry my heart with you
On your journey.
It beats with the knowledge
That one day
We will embrace forever,
The tears of sadness
Will turn to joy
And you will know
This is where
We belong,
And that I needed you too.

Lisa, Sept. 2002

Who to contact?

Call or SMS 0400 092 555 and leave a message or email info@rachelsvineyard.org.au

You will be contacted by a non-judgemental, compassionate carer.